Frequently asked questions

I want to send my dog for daycare. How do I sign up?

For your dog's first visit, you will need to book in a trial day to ensure your dog is suitable for ongoing daycare arrangements. Simply complete this enrolment form. We will be in touch to confirm your booking. Please ensure your dog has had C5 vaccination, and neutered if older than a year.

Who are the humans looking after the dogs?

All of our handlers have qualifications or are undergoing training in animal behaviour, vet nursing, companion animal care and are first-aid trained. Each human have been carefully selected to ensure that their love for dogs far outweighs anything else and their passion in animal care is a huge part of who they are.

How are first time pups assessed for suitability in a day care environment?

We will assimilate first time pups slowly in the daycare environment, observing its behaviour through each stage. They will be matched with other dogs of similar energy and personality when we think they are ready to play. Every dog is different and their personalities, likes and dislikes are major considerations when assessing a pup. Some owners may think that their dog is bored at home but it doesn’t mean that they’ll thrive in a highly stimulated environment like a daycare. If they’re distressed or aggressive, they’re not having fun. We provide positive training as much as we can, but if the environment is not suitable for the pup, we will be totally honest about that. The most important thing is that all the dogs are in a safe space, having loads of fun with one another.

Do the passes expire?

The 5-visit pass expires within 3 months. The 10-visit pass expires within 6 months.

Can my dog come to daycare even if I haven’t booked online?

Not a problem. Just give us a call to make sure we save your pup a spot. We can book you in when you arrive.

How to I buy passes?

Passes can be purchased on site when you drop off or pick up your dog. We currently only accept card payments. You will be set up with an online account upon your registration which allows you to manage your bookings as well as track the number of passes you have going forward.

What if my dog needs medical attention?

It is a requirement for all of our handlers to have animal first aid training. We also have an arrangement with a couple of local vets for any emergencies. If your dog requires daily medication during the day, we are also happy to administer them.