Casual Pass

Single full day visit


Drop-off 7.30 to 10am

Pick-up before 6.30pm

Two dogs discount $105*

5-Visit Pass

$53 per visit

Expires in 3 months

Drop-off 7.30 to 10am

Pick up before 6.30pm

Two dogs discount $520*

10-Visit Pass

$50 per visit

Expires in 6 months

Drop-off 7.30 to 10am

Pick-up before 6.30pm

Two dogs discount $990*

  • Two dog discounts applies to pets within the same household only

  • Passes have to be paid in full at pick-up or drop off

  • First visits pay at casual rates only until temperament checks have been completed

  • Half day passes are also available at $40 per dog, maximum 5 hours stay

Our Approach to Daycare

Socialisation, training and play are crucial for the development of your puppy.

While at daycare, we want to ensure that your pup is safe and happy. That is why we have a trial day for all newly enrolled dogs. There's nothing too arduous about it - you simply enrol via our enrolment form, pick a day for the trial and once accepted, bring your dog!

We spend the day slowly introducing your dog to others with similar energy and play style. Some dogs jump straight in for a play, others may take some time to warm up. Some may even take more than one visit to get used to the environment before they are comfortable enough to play and engage.

We will let you know if your dog is suitable for daycare or not. We do not accept dogs that bully others, shows aggression, are highly anxious or are excessive barkers. Some dogs may be given a second trial day so we (and you) can be assured whether they are suitable for ongoing care. 

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