Your furbaby deserves the best


At Buddy Boo, your beloved furry family member has a safe space to spend the day among friends. They get a fun-filled day and you bring home a happy, tired pup. #winning

No two dogs are the same. Some are ultra friendly, some just a little on the shy side. We take the time to get to know your dogs individually making sure they fit in with the right crowd.


Our team focuses on positive training, enrichment and socialisation. We make sure your pup is well cared for and having a blast. When they’re having fun, we’re having fun.


Woofers of all shapes and sizes are welcome!


We require all first-time dogs to do a trial day with us before being approved for ongoing care. This is to ensure that we are able to assess your dog's temperament and help them assimilate into a new environment. Some dogs may not do well in a busy, high-energy environment and we want to make sure they are not stressed, unhappy or aggressive. Trial days are half day sessions (max 5 hours) at $40.

To be a part of the BB crew:

  • All puppies have to complete their C5 vaccinations +10 days

  • All dogs over a year old have to be desexed

  • All dogs have to be regularly treated for fleas and worms

  • Proof of C5 vaccination is required



28 Moore Road, Airport West

  • Easy access to the Tullamarine Freeway

  • 15 minutes drive to Melbourne Airport

  • 2 minutes drive to Essendon Fields

  • 2 minutes drive to Westfield SC

  • 4 minutes walk to Tram 59 stop


Mondays to Fridays 7.30am to 6.30pm

excluding public holidays